“Unforgettable2020″ Online Photography Contest Result!

Here it is!

Here it is!!

Here are full of wonderful works! ! !

The last month of 2020

“Unforgettable 2020” Educational Beauty Photography Event Launches the Contestants




Phone Photography


No.1 is from Yao

When I traveled in Ethiopia in March, when the first case of infected person appeared in Ethiopia, he was trapped in Ethiopia, but the sun will always appear.


No.2 is from Mingyi

How I stay motivated while WFH


Also No.2 is from Rebecca Huang

And this picture is when I went to the old station, I suddenly felt that I squatted on the railway to take a picture. I felt that the train was full of people and went where they wanted to go. The track just spread indefinitely. There is a place where i can stop.


No.3 is from Guangyong Yang

It was taken in the distance when I picked a leaf in the park on a sunny autumn day.


From Jean Hwang

Mask vs No-mask ( took on 11:2020)


Camera Photography


No.1 is from Liyu Li


Asuka and Girl


No.2 is from Rebecca Huang

I remember this one was taken while walking on a country road. At that time, I thought the situation was beautiful, simple and pure, and I was lucky to photograph the moment the butterfly flew past. I hope my life can be so simple and pure.


No.3 is from Richard Shi


No.4 is from Yi Han

The famous dahlia in Midland. The beauty does not need to travel far to see.



Are you ready for the “Story of Mask”?


No.1 is from Anna 

The most beautiful of them-in the dangerous moment of the epidemic, their front-line talents are the most beautiful.


No.2 is from Jiaoyang

A large hand-painted mask yard sign, hung on the tree at the door to remind everyone to wear masks and stay healthy.


No.3 is from Liyu Li


From Jean Hwang



From Mingyi


From Hui



Creative Headshot


No.1 is from Richard Shi


No.2 is from Yao

Catch the tail of autumn


No.3 is from Jiaoyang

Invited to participate in the Pow Wow Annual Conference of Native American in Chicago


From Zhenhao Feng

The story of the mountainside


From Caren

Astringent autumn


From Xiaohua Gong

Heart felt smile


The above are all the photos of “Unforgettable2020″ Online Photography Contest.

In this unpredictable world, there are many people and things that may pass us by. When speed becomes a kind of beauty, it needs a kind of capture, because beauty is fleeting, but if you use Take it with the camera in your hand, and the beauty will become eternal…Here, no matter your age or experience, we sincerely thank you for your work.

Thanks to all contestants and staff for their hard work in 2020.

Best wishes to all of you!

Special thanks to :
Tri-City Chinese Association
China-US. Women Foundation
Nuskin, wechat ID: CarenRR