Covid Free Health Tips

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Since Covid started in 2020, 669 Million were affected globally with 6.82Millon death , among which 2.02 Million cases in China with a siganificantly smaller death toll – 5,273 cases (source:ourworldindata).

China government’s zero covid policy helped to control and managed the spread of the disease well. However, since the relax of the “Zero Covid” policy at end of 2022, there appears to be huge spike on people affected in mainland China, reaching a shocking 60% – 70%. In fact, the greeting message nowadays changed from “Have you had meal? 你吃了吗?“ to ” Are you positive? 你阳了吗?”

You May met this lovely couple in their 70s, they have been practising home remedies using traditional Chinese herb and concept, they are very proud that they have been Covid Free since the outbreak.

Here’s their secret to stay covid free from day 1:

  1. Get up in the morning and drink ginger tea and honey water;
  2. Smoke acupuncture points and room, corridors and elevators with Moxa sticks,
  3. Soak your feet with mugwort leaves before going to bed;
  4. Eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables
  5. Wear a mask when going out, wash your hands when coming back home to disinfect
  6. Pay attention to rest and do not stay up late