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When the epidemic started in March 2020, schools in the United States were closed, and children were all attending classes at home. At that time, Anise, a 13-year-old in grade 7 at Jefferson Middle School in Midland, Michigan, started to draw in her spare time.


Francesca Tang, You May magazine columnist and journalist, passionate barista, currently running a TikTok channel as @mcsinrap jams about everything and culture.


Lily has taught in American universities and communities. A Christian and a mother of two children, she has been teaching Chinese and painting at the Great Dayton Chinese School for more than ten years.


Founder of Kope with English and Kope with Learning LLC, with more than 22 years of experience providing English and Cross Culture training; her students include international students pursuing study in the US, expatriates working in US corporations, and their spouses and families. She is a free-lance writer, motivational speaker and author of a short biography on her newspaper photographer father. Now retired, she volunteers for Women of Hope a branch of Trans World Radio which ministers to women in limited access countries. She writes, edits and researches women’s lives in various countries.