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When the epidemic started in March 2020, schools in the United States were closed, and children were all attending classes at home. At that time, Ajax, a 13-year-old in grade 7 at Jefferson Middle School in Midland, Michigan, started to draw in their spare time. They drew a set of small stickers, their mother posted it on WeChat Moments. Everyone liked it and said it had a ” Healing” style, so the mother encouraged Ajax to make this set of stickers. The kid found a friend and used wax paper and glue to make the prototype of the sticker. The kitten series with the cactus on top is drawn entirely by hand.

During this period, Ajax and mom moved from Michigan to California and saw many cactus 🌵. Moving in a hurry, Ajax did not give up drawing but started using drawing pads, practicing drawing on the computer, and posting their work on Instagram; their computer drawing is also improving daily. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway during the pandemic is giving people more time to learn new skills. In March 2021, Ajax used drawing pad to draw the “bottle series,” which their mother liked and posted on her laptop.

After nearly a year of practice, Ajax’s “Mushroom Man” sticker series was finally born; they also agreed with their mother to bring it to the You May online store to share with you. I hope you like them. In the same time, You May encourages children to create more. If you have creative works, please share them with us by sending an email to: info@youmayus.org