Gardening Workshop

It is a blessing living in the Midwest where many families have big yards and beautiful gardens. However, for ladies growing up in China where private yards are scarce and greenery is replaced by concrete buildings, managing a yard can seem strange yet intriguing fun. Did you try planting a tulip when Spring arrives?  Did you sweep the leaves in the fall to get the garden ready for winterization?  

We invited Ms. Karin Johnson, Our friend from Dow Gardens, to discuss gardening and introduce many beautiful plants available in US Mid-West. 

Karin is the Plant Collections Manager at Dow Gardens.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota – Morris with a Bachelor’s degree in English and from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s Degree in Horticulture.  In addition to updating and mapping the plant collection, Karin also maintains the herb garden and the area around the Dow Garden’s office.

Questions from You May reader about gardening in winter: 

1. How do you plan front and back yards?  What kind of flowers fit for the front/back yard?

2. What are the perennial and annual flowers?

3. Easy plants/flowers for Midland

4. How to care for perennials, such as tulips? Should we cut the stems off after the blossom?

5.How to care for Gardenia during Midland winter?

6. Can herbs survive Midland Winter? How to keep herbs growing in the winter?

7. How to care for Roses?

8. What type of fruit trees are recommended to grow in the Midwest? How to trim the branches? How do you maintain them in the winter?

Sharing from the Old Days

Activities include: Learn easy English (traffic sign for 1st meeting) and game; meet other Chinese or American grandparents; talk about China, and share stories of your past. Light refreshments and little prizes are available. 

The first gathering is free. 

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